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Providing Education & Awareness in the Cannabis Industry

Customer Reviews

“Everybody at the store is amazing, thank you all for your help. Aaron is the man, and Todd was awesome today thanks bro”
Matthew Gordon
"Very helpful, always. Cool people working there, always knowledgeable and on point with their information."
Bradley Russell
“Staff are very friendly, seems to have a great selection of products, and very engaged in the community. They are at all the local festivals and are always fast with a smile and a kind word even if you are not purchasing their products.”
Eric Hodges
"Awesome atmosphere with knowledgeable staff! We stopped in a few months ago while in on vacation and had a great experience. Now, we live in the area and it’s our go-to. Gabe is the best!"
Emily Moss
"Never had any problems. Met the owner today and I liked him and the staff has always been good to me. The variety is incredible compared to other dispensaries."
Angel Littrell
"Always, always an amazing experience for me. love all the products and the employees are always so much fun and very well trained. They really really know what they're talking about in there and they're passionate about it so it's a way cool experience every time Especially if you're curious about any of their product or Marijuana and it's laws in general as well."
Amber Dawn